Anyone going to ASH in the Music Centre on Monday?
I’ll be there taking photees! ! ! YAAAAAY ! !
I am actually the most excited person in the universe because I love them so much.
Been obsessed with them for years!
Here is me and Tim Wheeler in a dressing room in Amsterdam over 10 yrs ago.. must dig out my old photees of them from years ago.. Have some scandalous stuff..
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10 thoughts on “ASH!! ON MONDAY!! YAYSIES!

  1. I love ASH so much that I’ve seen them 6 times. And none of those have been in the Republic of Ireland!!

    Just shooting for the love of it… 😛 I just asked Mark could I get a pass and he said it was no bother.. 🙂

  2. Also, they’re gonna blow your balls off. In your case, socks! 😛 Some of the new songs are so amazing… Especially the title track off the new album, Twilight Of The Innocents.

  3. Yes, but you are also 9 years older than me… Gotchya there! :p (joking!!)

    Well, I’ll see you in the pit…:D WAHOO!

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