la weekend

was loads of fun. On Friday me and Una polished off a bottle of Prosecco before meeting up with Neil Tribuno in Toners. We then headed up to Super Extra Bonus Party in Kennedys which was so much funsies. What a great band, do check them out. so much energy on stage. We then picked up Corina at her gaff and headed to Rogue for one of Remedy’s regular nights. Was a bit dopey the next morning but had to go to Taste of Dublin in Iveagh Gardens to shoot Rachel Allen for a magazine. Thankfully Una and YoCo came with me or the day would have been very painful. The place was such a rip off it was unbelievable. Other than paying 25 squids for a ticket, you also had to pay ten billion euros for tiny portions of food which wasn’t even that great. I was quite disapointed with the whole thing. Plus, the weather was SHITE. Then went over to Una’s and discovered Elaine’s AMAZING hangover food – NOODLEBEAN. (Koka Noodles with baked beans) yumsies. Next day me and Una went to Malahide to check out Arctic Monkeeeees and the Delorentos boys and Supergrass which was so so so much fun. Free booze all day at the press area = danger bay.

the gang at Rogue (I think)
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me in Una’s glasses backstage in Malahide
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Delorentos!! they were brilliant!
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photos courtesy of Ms Una Mullally


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