just back from electric picnic

its almost 3 am and I’m still up. Whats the story with that? Well I couldn’t really go to bed without checking my emai, and that led to my bebo and my myspace and my facebook and then I couldn’t really abandon the blog could I. Had a great weekend which I will report about in the morning and will upload loads of photees. I’d upload a more interesting shot than this, but my card reader is at the bottom of my bag and I am too lazy to get it out.
2 highlights of the weekend for me:

1)Standing on the side of the stage with The Beastie Boys during their set, and Jarvis Cocker standing next to me. I got my photee taken with Jarvis (because I heart him) and Corina please send me the photeeee noowwwwwww!

2) IGGY POP ! that man is unbelievable. (and so hot for an old man)

sleep. now. bye.

Judy Wong at MAC at Boutique campsite at Electric Picnic
Free Image Hosting at allyoucanupload.com


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