Cois Fharraige – in photees

Kinetiks boys setting up their gear

The boys before just before they were due on stage

me with my retarded photo pass that I was supposed to wear around my arm AT ALL TIMES.

Una and Kieran Delo with psycho loolla girl who kept calling us sexy fackers and screaming WOOOP WOOOP every five seconds. Her friend asked me where I bought my backstage pass and whether she could buy one too.

The Loose

Ocean Colour Scene


Once again, thanks guys for the lift back. Life savers.

On the road…


8 thoughts on “Cois Fharraige – in photees

  1. Quality pictures you have compiled here. I love the Mick Pyro shot. It really captures the frantic, erm, “essence” of the man in the midst of a performance… Huzzah!

  2. thanks šŸ™‚ sorry for not sending you more photeees uners. seriously no time. i am the busiest person in the whole universe.

  3. D’oh! šŸ˜¦ I’ve thought about getting a Nikon, perhaps a D80. I have a Fujifilm FinePix that I quite like but could do with an upgrade. Been neglecting my photography though.

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