Rachel Wyse

If anyone remembers my ArtDublin project, you might remember Rachel. She was my ‘marmelade girl’ with the amazing captivating blue eyes. Well I got to shoot her again a few weeks ago which was cool. The last time I had shot her I was still in college.. in my college studio.. and a nervous wreck. I’m still a bit of a nervous wreck (well more of stress head actually) but for different reasons than the reasons I had back then (like omg. what if my tutor thinks my work isn’t meaningful enough) thank god I am finished college.

and here she is as part of my ‘Alice’ project.


2 thoughts on “Rachel Wyse

  1. i piched an idea in front of the class today for a still life project and some one said, ‘so what is the meaning behind that?’

    i said ‘its compleatly astetic’

    im ok with that, as was my lecture (ish)… im lucky.

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