wot a busy day.

Came home from Germania late last night and then had a photoshoot early this morn (8am! way too early!!) then another shoot at 11, then had to head over to Whelans to do a portrait shoot with Lightspeed Champion who was lovely, and a great character to shoot. THEN had to rush over to Sandymount for a job for The Sunday Tribune. pfew. Then I met Yoco and Anto and then Ian came in and we had dins in FXB’s in Temple Bar which was yummsies (and pretty cheap too! 20 squids for 2 course meal. Big massive steak mmmm..) Then I was going to check out Lightspeed Champion in Whelans (thanks Dan for the guestlist!) but I was too wrecked so just went homesies.. So basically I have been running around like a psycho all day. Same will happen tomorrow. And the day after. And everything I am shooting is for publications so I cannot put anything up until it is published.. 😦
boring photeeless blog.


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