chicken wings.. sing star.. katy french

in that order. Started out in Elephant & Castle where I met up with Burco and YoCo for some yummy chicken wings and vino.. and we didn’t even have to wait for a table which was weird for a Thursday night. Was great to hang out with Burco again as I haven’t seen her for aaages. It’s weird how there are some friends you end up seeing all the time, and others that you never ever see. I used to hang out with Burco almost every day while we were in college and now for some reason we never see eachother. Anyway we then went back to Corina’s joined by Uners and Joycer for some singstar Rock Ballads funsies. We hardly got to sing many tunes because we called into Katy French’s birthday party over in Krystle. Bumped into LOADS of people… Lainey!!, The Thinkhouse Crew, Ray Shah, models Avril and Michelle McGrath, Paradise Pictures homies, Michael VIP etc. Then, the free booze finished, the Stereophonics came in, and we left. Today I had to work all day which wasn’t the most pleasant thing but at least I take photees for a living so it ain’t that bad!

Straight after I took the following photee, the bouncer came up to me and informed me that I may not take photees in the VIP area (I was only using my mini fun camera) he also then demanded I delete the photee I had just taken. I told him its grand I won’t take any more, but he persisted that I delete it in front of him. Which I had to do to avoid a big drama. but HA! I actually took 2!! sickened aren’t you!!


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