Party Time

Here is a shoot I did a little while ago which I really really love. Possible my favourite shoot ever.
The Sunday Independent LIFE Magazine ran the first 4 shots today which I was really excited about, but was so dissapointed when I picked up the magazine today and saw what they looked like in print. They were dark.. and dull… and the print quality was absolutely crap- I don’t know how it happend. There is no definition on the skin and they just look completely different to my actual files. Now I know that when I see my stuff in magazines they always look a little bit different colour wise or whatever.. but I was NEVER as disappointed as I was seeing these today. So annoying. Oh wellsies.

The following were featured in a little magazine I work for called Lifestyle Magazine.

styled by Corina Gaffey
make up by Lara Ford
Hair by Aimee Murphy
Model Portia at 1st Option

2 thoughts on “Party Time

  1. Ack, I can imagine you were disappointed: the pics look gorgeous here and I can see that’s all in the toning…there’s a perfect translucence looking at shots on a screen and probably high-gloss print would be the closest paper form of the same quality.
    Can really see these as perfume shots. The purples in particular…

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