I flew back to Dublin on Thursday after a few days in Germania during the week… The reason I flew back was that I had to do some social pix for some Christmas party which I very late found out was cancelled. So I was a bit annoyed about that. But on a positive note, that meant I was able to shoot Delorentos at The Ambassador instead, which was much more fun! The lighting I thought was absolutely crap! Couldn’t shoot for half of it (as in, half of my three songs) because it was just too dark.. I stayed for the whole gig because I heart Delorentos. Fair play to the boys who managed to sell out the venue.. And everyone was singing all the words to all their songs.. and all these people just seemed to be so excited to be there which was great. Well done lads! I then headed up to Spy to Jazzanova (Or DJ Cassanova as I was saying all night) and met up with Corina and Uners (who had just come from RTE from doing the Late Late show- well donesies dude!) Bumped into the Bscene homies and the HKM crew who were having their xmas party. I had to work all day Saturday and the only way to get through it is to pretend I’m feeling amazing. It actually worked. So I’m kinda feeling hungover today instead which doesn’t really make sense.

Off to Kerry tomorrow for a shoot have to be at airport at 6.30 eeeeeek. Then off to Germania on Tuesday. I’m such a jetsetter.


I haven’t really looked through the photees yet, but once I will, I will post up more Shots.
And Corina- send me photees from Spy!! NOWWWWWWWWW!


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