Here are some shots I took of one of my idols Alek Wek a few weeks back. I was so nervous. She is such a big world supermodel and what if my pics are shit? I mean, if I manage to make Alek look bad then that definitley means I am the worst photographer in the whole wide world. How can anyone make her look bad, she is just so beautiful. So anyway, I am not too happy with these shots as a whole, but keep reminding myself that these were just press shots, rather than a high fashion shoot. I had about 2 mins. I still think she has something very powerful in her eyes in the first shot, and I love her laugh in the second shot. I just wish I had done something more.. I don’t really know what. Hopefully there will be a next time.


7 thoughts on “*ALEK WEK*

  1. hi ms. forberg ,

    firstly my name is danny, and i am completely and utterly clueless when it comes to photography or fashion or the like , however i know what i like and well to put it simply i really like your photos.

    The reason i came upon your work is really simple , i just watched the ” Golden Eye ” video which featured Alek Wek. She is stunning and out of pure boredom i googled her to see some more shots. And well, then i saw an irish photographer had taken some pics recently ~ you !

    anyway i realise im waffling a bit now , but i looked at some of your photos and well , they’re great. So , to put it simply … well done and keep up the great work !

  2. Hi Danny, Thank you so much 🙂 Always nice to hear. What’s the Golden Eye video??? I shall google it now. Take care, L x

  3. hi ms. forberg,

    the ” golden eye ” video , is a music video by Tina Tuner which was made for a James Bond movie.

    I was wondering if you ever had exhibitions for your work ? … or is it mostly commercial work that you do ?

    If there is an exhibition on the horizon at any stage , i would appreciate if you let me know.

    cheers , and have a tremendous New Year !


  4. Hi. I stumbled upon your blog by searching for info for Alek. I am a fashion publicist in Houston,TX and one of my blogger clients wants to feature her book in February as a giveaway… Anyhow your work is stunning.. I look at lots of pic of models and none has the raw unfinished yet polished look as yours.

    My blogger client has a set of pics done by mark squires of kelly rowland on her site. check em out. He has another beautiful way of capturing beauty


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