Dublin Fashion Week shoot for Totally Dublin

Did this a few weeks ago and it was so much fun to shoot. Our model Rachel is amazing! I have already shot her so many times but I just keep trying to think of more shoots I can use her for because she is just so brilliant to work with! Anyway, if you want to find out more about the designers involved with this shoot just pick up a copy of the magazine (it’s free around town) and check it out. Oh, and thanks so much to Iany Iany (he’s so nice) he stayed up late at night drawing cutsie buttyflys 🙂

Model Rachel Montague
Styled by Corina Gaffey
Make Up by Lara Ford
Hair by Aimee Murphy
Illustrations by Ian Downes

8 thoughts on “Dublin Fashion Week shoot for Totally Dublin

  1. thanks uners.
    hairy armstrong fair enough you are entitled to your opinion. thanks for leaving a comment. 😀

  2. Thats a bit harsh dude…every is entitled to their opinion, as lili said, but not if some is going out of their way to be nasty and spiteful..i love our shoot..im not biased at all! ha!

  3. Hey Lili
    I saw these pics in the totally dublin mag, they are wonderful. Really great. I absolutely love the ones with the ruffly feather like skirt/dress thing. (Note to self: try take more of an interest in fashion so you can describe skirts adequately)

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