This is where i am today on a shoot.

I'm pretty tired today. I think i'm over working myself and not taking enough time off but when everything is so busy it's extremely difficult to just switch off. Any time i'm at home i'd be working on the laptop so in order to chill i need to leave the house. Kinda weird because usually people stay at home to chill. Was shooting in studio all day yesterday . It was a fashion spread for one of the papers . . shoot was loads of fun! Lara is thinking of giving up make up artistry and becoming a professional neon material holder. Ha! Straigt after that shoot i had to go to The Shelbourne to shoot Joe O'Shea for a magazine. After dropping my gear back home i had to (yes, had to) call into iany and mary in the Dice bar for a glass of wine. Otherwise i would've kept doing work all evening. Una and ragin called up as well and also corina so it was funsoes.


2 thoughts on “This is where i am today on a shoot.

  1. I got such a fright there when I was reading the sentence. I was like ‘im giving up makeup??’ Yeah neon waving is tempting but id say its hard to crack into that industry! Ha!!

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