behind the scenes in Germania today

This was my second ever shoot in German. It’s kinda weird at first (even though I’m fluent) But you just get used to it after a while. There are a few things I always say while shooting (which are very cheesy and everyone takes the piss) which I didn’t know how to translate like ‘strong eyes’ not as in the make-up but expression. And other cheesy sayings like ‘FIERCE’ etc. I just noticed how used I am to saying some of the things I say during shoots.
Anyway, really enjoyed German shoot, Anna the model was so lovely and so was Maren who did hair & makeup. By the way, all artists in Germany do both hair and make-up. I think that is so awesome. I wish more artists in Ireland did both rather than one or the other. Actually I take that back. It is so much faster if you have two people to do it and they do it at the same time. So maybe it’s not better. Hmm I don’t know now.


One thought on “behind the scenes in Germania today

  1. cant wait to see your shoot glad went well, even if abit wierd in different lingo 🙂 rach xxx

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