It’s only Tuesday . . .

omg I’m soooo busy these days it’s just mental. Mental.
Team Gang (MissLili, YoCo, Lara & Rachel) has a day out on Wednesday. I’m finally escaping the studio and heading to Dublin Fashion Week in the Radisson to check out some of the local designers. Funsies! The next 3 weeks are absolutely mental for me have so much workies so I probably won’t have time to blog too much. I probably will though because I am such a blog addict.

Here are my shots of RTE’s Joe O’Shea which I just shot (seems like only a few days ago but maybe it was a week ago) for RSVP magazine. The mad thing is, the mag is already out, and already arrived in my mailbox this morning. They for some reason gave me a subscription to it, and I keep getting it sent to me every month, which is nice. I just checked out the website for the first time and found 2 of their covers had my photees.

Today I also rememberd that the Irish Blog Awards are on Saturday in the Alexander Hotel. I am shortlisted for Best Photo Blog this year which is exciting. I don’t expect to win or anything, but it will be fun to mingle with all the bloggers. Me, Uners and Iany are going and whoever wants to join us is more than welcome- Well actually I’m not sure because….

The 2008 Blog Awards is sold out

Lisa Murphy

Samina Zia

Joe O’Shea


2 thoughts on “It’s only Tuesday . . .

  1. Yay, maybe we can have a drink at the blog awards!

    Good luck…you may not think you deserve to win but I most definitely think you do xx

  2. Obviously we can have a drink at the awards! Haven’t seen ya in ages can’t wait to catch up! Will be funsies!

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