One of my favourite models in Ireland is … # 1

While searching my archive for some old pictures of Assets model Mathew John for a film production company, I stumbled across a really old disc with some shots I took years ago of one of my favourite models Rachel Montague. Her back then agency were trying to make her look ‘less sexy’ for whatever reason they had. Therefore they put a cap on her and shoved her hair back. Surely the agency had their reason.. But I think Rachel is naturally so sexy with her gorgeous long hair what is the point of trying to change her image like that and make her look like everyone else?
Rachel does some acting as well, she was recently in The Tudors looking SO HOT. and also starred in Paddy Casey’s new video which you should check out here.

If I were an actors agent I would snap her up right away! HA!

PS I think I’m going to start doing a ‘my favourite model’ regular post thingy, kind of like Corina’s Model Mondays but going to restrict it to Irish Models which I have worked with and can tell a little story about.. So this is the first.


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