Busy Week

Euughh.. it’s monday. I hate Mondays. You know it’s Monday cuz the phone doesn’t stop ringing..
Other than a million billion photeeshootys this week there are some very important evenings which I must mention

Tomorrow night it the launch of STATE magazine. This is extremely exciting. I remember the night Roger told me all about his new venture and asked me to be part of the STATE team.. it seemed so far away.. now it’s almost here!! So don’t forget to get your copy on March 6th!

Thursday is the DCU Fashion show. I love college fashion shows and I am sponsoring this one. The theme is ‘Nightmares & Dreamscpaes’ so its promising to be a great show.

Friday sees the launch of Foxy’s new label ANGEL SHE’S A KILLER in SPY.

The first album, entitled ‘Friend’, released only on 10″ vinyl, features 4 songs from 4 artists (MeNoFemBo being one) and artwork from 8 visual artists (me being one)

Yaay congrats lady.


7 thoughts on “Busy Week

  1. haha i dont have a clue about the wordpress themes.. is this one really an ancient one?? gonna have a look again.. just chose it really quickly… are there any more to download anywhere or just the ones which are there????

  2. I studied photography in DIT in Temple Bar. But it doesnt really teach you how to be a photographer. you just have to get out there and do loads of shooots.

  3. Thank you!! i will…

    if you want someone to help you, follow you around and such i would be more than willing! I could be your apprentice and
    you can teach me everything you know!

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