some photees from the State launchie

 Great launch ! yumsie foodsies. and yumsie drinkies. although I only had one beer as am up bright and early for a shoot tmrw. i FINALLY met photographer Liam Sweeney who I actually wanted to meet for ages. Years ago when I did work experience with the lovely lads on Abbey St, they gave me his number so that I could call him and maybe do some work experience with him. Of course I was too scared and never rang. Today we are both doing work for STATE which is pretty f***ing cool if I may say so myself. Such a lovely guy.

YAY FOR STATE being out! Mag looks great congrats to everyone involved and to Roger of course!!


3 thoughts on “some photees from the State launchie

  1. Hi Lili,

    Just figured out why, suddenly, people were looking at my website! Thanks for the link and the kind words. I was great to meet you, only sorry I was a bit distracted trying to get some form of a photo for Roger & Co. You convinced my to go ahead and try the whole photo blog thing so I’ve just spent the past day getting something together. It’s just under the links section on my site as I’m not adept enough to do it any other way. Hopefully I’ll be somewhat disciplined about putting things up….more animals than hot models I’m afraid.
    Anyway, thanks again and hope to see you bopping around the State offices some day soon. All the best, Liam

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