help me pleasies

I want to change to a bill phone (yes have been on ready to go for way too long now and its time. I am an adult)  I am on Vodafone and was just gonna change it online. But it isn’t as easy at it sounds because I get a phone as well but I don’t know which phone to choose. I don’t mind paying a bit extra for it if the phone is good. So I’d rather pay extra and get a good phone then get the free deal and have a crappy phone. So can anyone recommend any of the phones pleasies?

Most important for me is the e-mail function as I am always on the go and need to check my mails. I have email on my phone now but I am not happy with it at all. This is the phone I have now. And Yes, it looks amazing and all that, but its really hard to use and the software is really really basic. And the camera is SHITE.

So any suggestions appreciated. Should I get a blackberry? Or are the e-mail functions on phones which aren’t blackberrys just as good??? I reallly have no clue.


6 thoughts on “help me pleasies

  1. I’ve no experience with the Blackberry myself. A couple of friends in London have them and they like them. Can be quite bulky though. I’ve heard good things about the Nokia N95 but the Vodafone site is saying it doesn’t do email. The iPhone is coming to o2 this month. The price plans aren’t the best compared to the UK but it’s the bees knees as an email/internet phone. The staff in the Carphone Warehouse on Grafton Street have yet to steer me wrong. Always got good customer service there so it may be worth stopping in.

  2. Wow, you’re phone does look really fancy!!

    I got a lovely phone off o2 – it’s the Sony Ericsson 850i… Think it does pretty much everything and the camera is fairly decent AND I can use it as a remote for my laptop! How cool is that?

  3. maybe I should get the iphone on o2.. although i bet they will sell out or something.
    The 95 looks awesome but a bit bulky.. . ok, i still don’t know what phone to get. grrrr.

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