This is one of my favourite shoots that I have ever done. Well I say that a lot after a new shoot, but I really love this one. It was shot in the art studio in NCAD (thanks for letting us use it NCAD!!) and all was shot with natural light (meaning I had to use a tripod – gross). Well thanks to the massive window, we had enough light for most of the day. I love Faye our model. She did her first ever model portfolio shoot with me the previous week and I was just so impressed with her I had to book her for this. There is just something so gentle and elegant about her.

PS. did anyone see me on TV3 tonight? I missed it!!

Styled by Corina Gaffey
Make Up by Ruth Lawlor
Hair by Marjorie Mongan
Model FAYE (my new favourite model) at ASSETS


4 thoughts on “SPLASH OF COLOUR

  1. LOVE IT… but my fav is the one where she is intertwined in the railing… with the black boots. love that one so much. i say ya on diary of a model…very nice. and say your Q102 add like 5 times on buses today… but i was on a lot of buses today…


  2. ah thanks 🙂 took ages to get that shot actually! i still havent seen my ad on the bus properly. want to try grab a photo of it.
    how are you getting on? x

  3. well it was totally worth it.

    im still kidding myself collage is nearly over. the vid should be done in a week id say… i hope. havnt stopped in ageses, im thinking i should give my computer a name, im spending so much time with her. lol. im good tho.

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