flu :(

I have been dying of a flu the past couple of days. I knew it would get to me eventually as it seems like everyone has had it. I am not managing to get better though because I haven’t taken any time off work, just because I can’t really. That’s the way it is when you work for yourself. You can’t really call in sick.  I could always call myself but that would be a bit weird and psycho. I had a photoshoot with Har Mar Superstar today.  I was a bit scared cuz everyone told me how crazy he is. But he was actually so lovely. He asked was I coming to the gig later, which I would’ve loved to, but I’m better off on the couch with Lemsip and Advil. Now I’m going to bed mega early so that I feel better tmrw. And I’m too lazy to post any photees. I must be sick.


2 thoughts on “flu :(

  1. you shot Har Mar??!! So Jealous! 😀 He’s such a character. I remember seeing photos of him in his tighty whities dancing on stage while ASH were playing some fest… Hilarious!

  2. yeah shot Har Mar he was so lovely 🙂 wish I could’ve gone to the gig. But was DYING of flu.

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