I shot with MGMT today which was much much fun! Big thanks to Aideen for helping me out!! Was supposed to meet the boys at half 2… then after about 6 time and venue changes in the space of 10 mins, we were back to meeting at half 2 at the venue. A little stress can do no harm though. The boys were sooo lovely and I’m pretty pleased with the shots. It was kinda surreal because CSS were playing in the background doing their soundcheck. Never thought I’d be doing a shoot while CSS play live tunes right infront of me. awesome!

If anyone doesn’t know MGMT, you HAVE to check them out. They are AMAZING. I didn’t really know them before I got asked to do this shoot, but now I am in love.

Here are a few sneaky shots of CSS soundchecking. Who went to the gig was it amazing?


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