The Loose for AU

Here are some shots from a photoshoot I did with one of my favourite bands Republic of Loose recently. It was a lot of fun, and quite challenging seeing that there are a million members in the band (well 6.) I just love shooting bands, esp for magazines because you never know what’s going to happen and you always end up improvising, which can be a bit stressful, but always feels great if all goes well. Shooting bands for magazines is a funny one, I was thinking this today while shooting MGMT (loveliest guys ever.) I always thought magazine shoots take hours and hours. But in reality, the most you’d probably get with a band is 30 mins. It’s usually in or around the venue where they’d be playing that evening which sometimes aren’t very inspiring. But you have to make it look awesome. How fun is that!


4 thoughts on “The Loose for AU

  1. Cool shots of the Band.
    I knew Mick quite well when i worked in Eamonn Dorans about 10 years ago,Its great to see them having the success they are enjoying at the moment..

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  3. I can’t understand all the furore about this unwashed, talentless, coked up, shambolic,
    L.A. gangsta wannabe bunch of skangers!
    Their live performances are abysmal,
    then again what can you expect from a band who ripped off SpermDotCom(who were miles better, despite being a joke).

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