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Bere : beware Facebook, fashion and fans unite to declare Ryan one red-hot Green

by Una Mullally

NATURAL resources might be one of his ministerial briefs, but according to an increasing fanbase, Eamon Ryan’s most valuable resource is apparently his own natural beauty. The Green Party minister is gaining a sort of cult status online ever since a Facebook group was set up called “Eamon Ryan – Sexiest Politician in Ireland”. Although this fan site had some involvement from Young Greens, his popularity has since mushroomed across blogs, with some internet wags photo-shopping his face on to David Hasselhoff ‘s body (pictured) and on to Michelangelo’s statue of David, a symbol of ultimate male beauty.Even Damien Mulley, probably the most powerful blogger in Ireland, got in on the act, writing a satirical post from Ryan’s point of view titled, “Eamon ‘I brought sexy back but in a carbon neutral way’ Ryan”.

So could Ryan have a future trading not on his politics and policy, but on his looks? Fashion photographer Lili Forberg, who is more used to shooting catwalk shows and the model portfolios of Rosanna Davison and Glenda Gilson, thinks Ryan needn’t worry if politics doesn’t work out. “I think Eamon has a great face, ” she told the Sunday Tribune, after closely examining some shots. “He would have a good chance in the modelling industry in Ireland, especially if he has the height. He has very strong facial features and I would see him doing well in shows as well as commercial modelling.” That is not to say Ryan hasn’t some way to go before reaching the heights that Forberg’s regular clients have. “Browsing through photographs of him, I noticed that there are some very strong shots but also some weaker non flattering pictures, ” Forberg said, before offering some sound advice to the Green Party man. “I would advise him to practice posing in front of the mirror so that he does not get caught on camera in a way which does not flatter him.

I recommend this to all models starting out in the industry. Eamon can give me a call if he needs any more tips and tricks.”

Calls to the Green Party to assess whether Ryan is ready to drop the Dail for the catwalk were not returned.


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