Public Enemy in Tripod on Sunday

Went to Public Enemy on Sunday night.. they were awesome!!!! Extremely difficult to photograph though because the lighting was so crap… plus the pit was so tiny and so close to the stage and they only stood at the edge of the stage meaning they were basically on top of me! Also, they kept running around like lunatics which didn’t make it any easier.. But other than that it was great! Flava Flav kept posing for the camera which was fab but I can’t use loads of the shots cuz the light was so crap. So here are a few of my crappy photees.. Check out AU magazine next month for a review of the gig alongside some of my better phoees!! 🙂


One thought on “Public Enemy in Tripod on Sunday

  1. Hey, was wondering if you had any pictures from the guy that got pulled on stage with his vinyl by chuck, this was me and i’d love to see some picture of it to remember the event?

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