behind the scenes today

Holy shit what a morning. Had an awful start to the day- me and Sarah took a taxi to our shoot location early this morning but only got to North Strand when our taxi ran over a school girl who ran across the road not looking. I was sitting in the back and she literally slammed against the mirror and then across the side window and then collapsed in the middle of the road. It was awful. It wasn’t the drivers fault at all but still I felt so bad for him. We were all shaking but we heard the girl should be fine and will only suffer with a broken leg. Seriously it felt like it a computer game the way she just slammed into the car like that. So scary.

After the ambulance left and we finished giving our statements to the police we took another taxi out to the location.. Hopefullyl the girl is ok.

Here are some behind the scenes snaps from the shoot I did for U Magazine earlier today. Veronica is the hottest model around at the moment, she is just AMAZING. Styled by Sarah Flanagan, Make Up by Lynn McKenna, Hair by Aimee Murphy


3 thoughts on “behind the scenes today

  1. Don’t know how you went on with the shoot after that! I suppose the show must go on… I’d be too shaken to do anything!! Hope the girl is ok too.

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