Modified Motors

I am so sore today after playing bowling on the Wii all night last night. So much fun though. I am also so sore from doing the hoola hoops on the Wii Fit and also from kicking Iany’s ass in the boxing. ouchies! We were all gonna head into Club Nassau to check out the 80s night on Saturday but couldn’t go at the end because Ian’s brother has a broken ankle and he was not let in with his crutches. Appearantly it’s against health and safety. how rediculous is that and it completely discriminates against the disabled. The guy who was apparently the owner also wouldn’t give us his name when we told him we were going to follow it up. So poor Gar had to go all the way back up the stairs past the first bouncers who let us in no problem. How fucked up is that?

Here is a shoot I recently did for Irish lads mag Modified Motors. Model is Kasey who won a competition to be featured in the magazine (I think)

Make Up by Lara Ford

Hair by Marjorie Mongan who has a bebo now omg


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