just about to leave again for Oxegen

Really tired this morning as I didn’t get much sleep last night due to crazy drunken neighbours messing with their apartment fire alarm and breaking all the little glass things on each floor to set off the alarms. twats. The fire brigade was there when I got home which kinda scared me a little bit (incase my labtop was in the fire and I lost all my pics of the Sugababes)

Unfortunately I can’t upload any pics of Amy Winehouse who actually made it to Oxegen this year. Her perforance was ok, she pulled it off but still, there was a weird vibe I thought. “Will Amy make it” was all was talked about in the press area all day and then we were made to take a bus to the stage to see her (just incase we spot her on the way?!) and were NOT alloud to point our cameras towards the stage until she was actually on it. Then, we were MADE to take a bus back to press room, even though we wanted to go back into the crowd. And even though the bus was full. Luckily me and Fionn escaped and managed to catch a few more songs! Ok byesies!

heres a weird one of White Denim from last night



4 thoughts on “just about to leave again for Oxegen

  1. Love the White Denim photo. The whole Amy Winehouse thing was a bit OTT in the press, it seemed like most people just showed up to see if she would, me included for shame.

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