Boo Oxegen is finished :(

Sunday at Oxegen was definitely the most funsies! (The Charlatans was still my highlight but I don’t think anyone really understands it except maybe my bestest school buddy Susan.. we used to obsess about Tim Burgess for hours)

Went to see Delorentos first after snapping backstagy shots of MGMT (cutesies), The Kooks and Stereophonics.

It was so much fun and so amazing to see them have such a big crowd- these guys deserve to become BIG BIG BIG.

MGMT were on next in the Pet Sounds so shot them and stayed for their set which was CRAZY.

all these guys started climbing up on those pillars which hold the tent up, there were loads of guys on each pillar and then one crazy girl climbed all the way up and wouldnt come down for ages. They stopped the gig and the band went off stage for about 20 mins cutting their set short because of it. They managed to come back though and did their last three hit songs. It was mad though cuz this thing was going on for about 20 mins but there was no sign of security trying to get everyone down. That girl would have died if she slipped off it.

Then went and did a bit of work and then headed to Fight Like Apes. I got to shoot them from the stage which was brilliant but not as easy as it sounds. What an amazing gig and the tent was jammers. Hung out with the FLAPES backstage then doing some crazy shots

and then went to shoot Rage Against the Machine (omg I shot RATM)

I will put up more photees through out the day as I look through them properly.

The Ting Tings

Can’t remember where this crowed was

Corina doing something to Una (!!?)


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