Was on location in the Radisson on Golden Lane today.. really nice to shoot in and the lunch there was even nicer! mmmm!

Here is just a small sample of what I look like at the moment after the shoot in Powerscourt on Friday. Definitely look like I have some crazy disease it’s absolutely disgusting! the pic doesn’t even look as bad as what it looks like in real and there are a million more.  EUUUGH… And yes, there are DEFINITELY mosquitos in Ireland I don’t care how many people tell me there aren’t!

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  1. Believe me, that’s nothing compared to what my body looked like after a survival hike/bivouacking in June. There isn’t mosquitos in Ireland, as far as I know… just vicious, killer midges. If you’ve got a bath in your place, bathe in a bread soda and water combo – tis good for the itching! Also, Camomile lotion rocks..

  2. Um…dude, that’s egzima(sorry don’t know how to spell it:-( me dumb) I have it and i know what it looks like. Your skin just lost alot of moisture and oil for some reason(comonly weather) All you have to do is put some lotion on and the little red spots should leave…..sorry about the spelling again!

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