Behind the scenes in Powerscourt

Was shooting in Powerscourt on Friday doing a calender for beautiful Riverdance dancer Zara Curtis.

It was one of the most tiring shoots I have ever done I was so exhausted after it and now I have about 8.4 billion mosquito bites all over my arms. And I am not exaggerating. Could hardly concentrate on my shoot today because my arms were so bad and the bites are only getting worse each day. I have never seen so many mosquitos and midgies EVER. They were EVERYWHERE squillions of them. It’s hard to describe but even when you zoom in to the photos you can see them.. which is pretty bad. check it out gross gross. And that doesn’t even show the amount of them. eeughh I feel ill just thinking about it… and here are some more behind the scenes..
Makeup by Natalie Kinsella
Hair by Michael Doyle
Styled by Sonja Mohlich
Creative Director Julian Benson


4 thoughts on “Behind the scenes in Powerscourt

  1. When did you get this weather? Sun? Ireland? ….? They are midges Lili, no mosquitos in dainty Ireland – not yet anyway. Seems like the shoot was good fun.

  2. I have to disagree with that. There are mosquitos in ireland. I have seen them and have been bittten by them before.

  3. I think there didn’t used to be any, but now there definitely are! they are definitely around this summer, I haven’t seen any in previous years though.

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