Picnic McGinty.

Fionnsies has the rest of the fun photees.. these are courtesy of Corina ‘Hard-Cor’

Picnic was loads of fun enjoyed it more than I thought considering I didn’t really care about any of the bands playing. It’s the first year where there wasn’t even one band on that I REALLY want to see.

Was cool to see Grace Jones. She is one scary looking lady (I think she is a robot) Was pretty hard to photograph as light was crap but  I got some good shots methinks. Was really fun to shoot CSS as it was my first time shooting them (I dont know how that is possible considering they played Ireland 6million times this year and I saw them maybe 3 or 4 times but never actually shot them. So that was good. Was almost meant to shoot Lovefox backstage before she goes on stage (she suggested this herself) but then because of things out of my control that did not happen. Booo.

Really enjoyed Duffy as well actually. Cuz she is, like, a popstar and stuff.

OK I’m having to concentrate too much trying to write this and since I’m kind of braindead today this might not be a good idea.

miss lili will take your photee


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