The Dead Sea / Massada / Ein Gedi


Bedouin camps on the way to the Dead Sea

the photee by Iany while we took a coffee break

The Dead Sea

2000 year old mural in the bath house in Masada

black birdie with orange wings indigenous to Mesada

the road to the dead sea (we took the train though which were a few carriages attached to a traktor

Iany in dead sea


dead sea mud bath

cutsie camel

Bedouin shepherd (on left) with sheep

back to Tel Aviv

Harbour for dinner

4 thoughts on “The Dead Sea / Massada / Ein Gedi

  1. Great shots. I have a couple of questions :-

    did you crank up the contrast in some of those shots or is the sky really that blue ?

    what did the graffitti mean (on the box marked 20206) ?

    picture of the bird in silhouette was my favourite – is it always that sunny in Israel at this time of year ?

  2. Hi John,
    The sky was really that blue and the weather is always amazing at this time of year. I’d recommend visiting either in September or around May/early June. July&Aug this year were incredibly hot this year people could hardly leave their houses.
    The graffitti on the box means something like “long live the people of israel”

  3. Wow, what amazing photos! Looks like a great trip.

    Plus, these are the only photos I can comment, as a non photographer, on without feeling like I’m perving in some way đŸ˜›

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