ZARA CURTIS Celtic Goddess Calendar shoot

It was shot amongst the breathtaking scenery in the beautiful Garden of Ireland at Powerscourt, Enniskerry, Co. Wicklow. The 12 amazing gowns featured are all by Irish designers.

Exclusive behind the scenes footage of the day of the Calendar shoot! Click to watch the behind the scenes footage on Zara’s website


2 thoughts on “ZARA CURTIS Celtic Goddess Calendar shoot

  1. Absolutely stunning. Go to Zara’s website and view the filming it definitely
    has the making of a TV Show. Just ordered my copies for Christmas
    presents on Zara’s Website. Very handy as you can send them directly to the to your friends from the website order form. . Also loved the Celtic Thunder DVD. I got mine in Golden Discs. Cannot wait to see the Show live. Loved the Website – Zara is a very interesting and self motivated person. Would love to see her on TV. Well done to you Lilly
    and all of the team involved.

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