Goth almighty

My shoot of former Miss World Rosanna Davison was picked up on in the Evening Herald.

Goth almighty! Just look at our Rosanna now…
EEK! Former-Miss World in image revamp for stunning new photo shoot

By Lorna Nolan

Tuesday November 04 2008

It seems model babe Rosanna Davison is determined to shed her former image these days.

First she ditched her blonde locks in favour of a new brunette do, and now the style queen has posed for her most shocking series of pictures yet.

As our exclusive pictures show, the former Miss World proved she can rock any look when she donned a series of dark wigs and pale make-up for a goth-style photo shoot last week.

The fabulous photographs were shot by renowned photographer Lili Forberg for an exclusive shoot for Irish magazine Social and Personal.

“We’re thrilled with how the shoot turned out because it’s not at all like anything she’s ever done before,” said PJ Gibbons, editor of the magazine.

“It was actually us who did the first big photo shoot with her back in 2003 after she won Miss World and since then she has always kind of sported the same look — until she changed her hair colour recently.

“She’s showing that she’s different and not just another blonde and is willing to go that extra mile rather than just being another one-dimensional model,” he added.

After much deliberation as to how they were going to reinvent the glam model’s look, Rosanna and Lili agreed on the goth theme.

“When you think of Rosanna and you think goth you think ‘no way,'” said Gibbins. “But it just goes to show what you can do with the right hair and makeup and a talented photographer.


“Gothic is a big theme for this autumn and winter and I think it all really works very well for her — fair play to her for doing it,” he told the Herald.

And he adds that Rosanna is one of the few models who has what it takes to make it outside the Irish market.

“A lot of Irish models don’t have what it takes to make it anywhere else and whether they like to admit it or not, they know this themselves.

“One of the top model agents in the country came out and criticised the Irish glossy magazines recently for choosing foreign girls over the Irish ones, but we don’t have a choice.

“If there were a better choice of model in this country we wouldn’t have to.

“The problem with these girls is that they are photographed every night of the week at a different event,” he revealed. “They need to be more selective about where they go and stay at home once in a while or else relax and change their career.


“It’s like an actor, if they were to appear in every film offered to them, they would become too commonplace and lose their spot at the top,” he said.

To see more of these pictures, see this month’s Social and Personal on sale now.

– Lorna Nolan

And here are a few more exclusive shots from the day

styled by the amazing Sarah Flanagan
Make Up by Derrick Carberry
Hair by Joanne Kelly

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