by Caitlin McBride

Lili Forberg, 29, Fashion Photographer

‘The Woman with the Magic Touch’

Ireland’s foray into the international modelling world demanded a drastic increase in standard of portfolios put forward to agencies and prospective clients. Enter Lili Forberg.

It would seem every model in the country is reaping the benefits of their metamorphosis under Lili’s creative lead and made the international photographer a key ingredient in the recipe for success. Forberg’s own portfolio has included top international models such as Alek Wek and Caprice; and has a waiting list as long as the size of her 5’11 model clients.

Starting off as a music photographer, capturing her favourite bands such as Ash and MGMT, Lili realised she was solely documenting the work of others and realised she wanted more from her art. The transition into fashion was a logical choice, allowing her to express her creative side and pursue her lifelong dream of being a photographer.

Although she knew from an early age that photography was the career for her, Lili attended college and graduated from the Dublin Institute of Technology in 2005. Acknowledging that the academic atmosphere was less than conducive to her untraditional career choice; she has since exceeded expectations and been crowned the golden girl in one of the most cut throat industries.

Her continued desire to work in the industry is her sheer adoration for “transforming” the models she works with into different characters with the use of hair, make- up and styling. Sounding more like a director than a photographer, it is the combination of her personal touch and professionalism which makes her such a success.

At 29, she has managed to achieve more in her field than most in their lifetime. Quoting internationally known fashion photographers Paolo Roversi and Tim Walker as her professional role models, it seems Lili expects great things for herself; and judging from her track record, it seems we should expect nothing less.


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