Here come the Boyz

Had so much fun shooting Boyzone today! The lads were so lovely and so professional and we managed to finish the entire shoot in 1.5 hours! Go us! I met the guys in the hotel room while they were getting their hair and make up done and getting ready for the shoot. When I walked in, I was first greeted by Shane (who was topless) and I just thought how crazy it was that I was doing a photoshoot with one of the biggest boybands ever and that if this was a few years back, I would’ve probably peed myself with excitement and nervousness. Anyway, they were such a pleasure to work with .

I can’t tell much about the shoot only that it’s definitley not your standard VIP magazine shoot.  Get your copy to check it out.


3 thoughts on “Here come the Boyz

  1. Hi Lili, Darragh here from Dark Room Notes, i was hoping to catch up with you to talk about a possible shoot for album artwork? Interested?

    Well done on all your hard work.


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