fun times!

Haven’t  blogged properly in ages.. have been mega busy etc.
Had the gang over for brunchlings and Mario Kart(s) today (mmmm) and obviously we ended up watching Xfactor again.. Alexandra was so amazing (when she was singing) and so annoying when she wasn’t. Simon was so hot. I kinda wish they didn’t sing Hallelujah though as I love the original and Jeffs version so much. Also I HATE that really annoying dramatic bit in the middle which was just put there for the sake of it. GRRRRRRR.

Also forgot to say I had great fun at the BScene xmas bash last Thursday in Krystle. I haven’t put up photos yet as I deleted all of them from my phone by mistake so just trying to magically get them back now but not sure if it will work. It was a great night anyway. We then went on to Soundcheck in Spy which was also so much funsies! I had to work the next day though which kinda sucked but it was a Thursday after all. Can’t wait for Thursday as it is the Assets AND the Soundcheck Xmas parties! Woohoo 2 parties in one night.

Right now I have so much work to do so obviously I’m not doing it and watching Laguna Beach instead. Bold.

If my phone pics come back I’ll put them up later but for now here are a few pics of Charlotte who’s a new face with Assets and is just gorgeous! Make Up by Lara Ford

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