Back again no matter what

Check out this months VIP magazine for my shoot with BOYZONE. Had way too much fun shooting the lads in the circus so have a look at the magazine to see the rest of the pics and read the interview which is actually very interesting I must add! There is also a cute shoot with Rosanna shot by the lovely Emily Quinn which is also worth checking out. And also another shoot of mine of the beautiful Zara Curtis looking like a Celtic Goddess.
Back to Boyzone though, I must say it was actually so easy to shoot them.  Whenever we had to do a group shot, they just automatically morphed themselves into the ‘boyband position’ and it was just so easy and effortless for them. The cover pic below literally took about 4 minutes all together. Such a pleasure to work with!


One thought on “Back again no matter what

  1. Jean Marc Lopez’s journey into calculated risk-taking
    standing amongst Florida’ s most successful
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    I do respect and value people a lot.”
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    He keeps his eyes open at all times, on all things
    —not just the prize.
    vip10_jeanmarclopez 2/20/06 11:35 PM Page

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