Was on a shoot with one of my favourite models Baiba today from Assets. Baiba is so amazing as a model. So professional, works so hard, tries every pose, and basically makes my job so easy that I feel like I’m not even working (should I be saying that?)

Sometimes I feel that some models think that it’s just about being beautiful which makes you a succesful model and they don’t understand why they don’t get booked more often. If you are ever on a shoot with Baiba or anyone who is as good as her, you would understand that it’s not just about that. There is so much more to it. Even just silly things like changing into an outfit fast, wearing 2 left shoes and not complaining that they hurt, changing your pose after every shot, trying to laugh every once in while even though I haven’t asked for it, not complaining that its cold/hot/late/early .. there is a million things I could list. Being a succesful model is not about standing around looking hot (although it does help), there is so much more to it.

Check out Baiba’s amazing work in the next issue of STELLAR magazine out at the start of Feb.

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