Friday the 13th and Vday

So what they say is true.. it was a crazy day. Was shooting for Stellar with Corina on Friday and first thing in the morning our location got cancelled on us. Apparently the guy didn’t remember talking to us and approving it. Mmm… then we sorted out a new location and when I plugged in my light it exploded and smoke came out.  Thank god I had another light and our second location worked ok and so the rest of the day was fine. pfew.  But because of the stress I didn’t get to take any behind the scenes shots.. 😦

Hope everyone had a good Valentines day. Even though I think it’s a pile of bollox, here is a little thing I said about it on Angela’s Scanlon’s blog over on the Independent website. The link is here. Also talking about Vday are Aisling O’Loughlin from Exposé , Unsies McGinty, and a bunch of other fashion heads.


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