Lilly Allen pics from The Academy last nite

Such a difficult gig to photograph only having two songs . Because there were so many photographers they had to seperate us into 2 groups. first group got the first 2 songs and second group got the second two songs. I ended up being in the second group as I I am so nice and swaped with Arthur who had a deadline. 🙂 So we were brought to the pit while she already started her song meaning we had no time to prepare for the lights or anything. Plus the pit was so small and noone could actually move as there were so many of us there. I’m actually surprised I got any half decent pictures.
Stayed upstairs for the rest of the gig – she was great! Great interaction with the audience and she just seemed really lovely! Afterwards we hung out at the Academy for a while and headed over to the Music Centre to check out some of Ronny Size and DJ Hype which was also lots of funsies and was almost like the good old times! Jumpy photees on the way!

Off to the Meteors now! No rest for me!


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