Go Fish!

I’ve been working with Jerry Fish a lot recently.. Here is one of my pictures which appeared in The Irish Times today.

From the highs and lows of An Emotional Fish to his reinvention as the debonair ringmaster of the Mudbug Club, Jerry Fish has stayed true to his optimistic self, writes KEVIN COURTNEY .

EVERY VILLAGE NEEDS its shaman, a resident soothsayer who doles out homespun wisdom and administers healing potions to his troubled tribespeople. The village of Ringsend might look to one Jerry Fish to fulfil such a role. If you need advice on juggling money, life and relationships, you could do worse than turn to the self-styled ringmaster of his own mad musical circus. If your brow is furrowed with financial worries following the Budget, a bit of Fish philosophy could be just what the witch-doctor ordered… read more
Image Hosted by ImageShack.us


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