Closet Confidential

(from Angela Scanlons blog over at the Independent

Closet Confidential with Fashion Photographer Lili Forberg
August 10, 2009

First Fashion Memory
As a 4-year-old going through my mom’s closet and getting photographed wearing her high heels, hats and fur coats. I still have the pics! (See below).
Favourite Designer Label
I’d love to be able to shoot the Christian Dior Couture collections. Galliano is a genius.

Best Bargain Buy
I adore my camera chain I got in Claire’s Accessories-it was €2 euros. I wear it everywhere and people always think it cost a fortune!

Most Expensive Item in your Wardrobe
My cameras!

Top of your Wish List
More sequin dresses-I can’t have enough of them!

Most Stylish Moment
When we have some time after a shoot and the style team do my hair and make-up before I head out. And I also get to grab a few bits from the stylist.

Style Icon
My Granny. She always wore heels, never left the house without red lipstick and red nails and always looked immaculate.

Favourite High-Street Store
H&M and these days I’m loving Dorothy Perkins too!

Fashion or Style
Ideally both. They go together.

Finally, what did you have for Breakfast this morning!?
Oops. Nothing. Because I didn’t have time as was rushing to a shoot. But usually I would have half a melon with some yoghurt and berries inside. Yum.

Lili Forberg is one of the leading fashion and music photographers in the coutry having photographed Gok Wan, Alec Wek, Take That and MGMT (believe me when I say the full list is exhaustive!) Check out her site here for images and keep up to speed with the busy lady by checking her blog-updated regularly with behind the scenes shots.

Lili indulging in her passion for fashion at a very early age!


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