Kiss competition winner

Check out my gorgeous Kiss competiton winner Sarah! Kate did the make up and Maurice did the hair. Legends!


5 thoughts on “Kiss competition winner

  1. She looks really pretty. Though personally I think that the make over did it. She is naturally pretty enough, and the make up made her look a little older than her age. But over all, I think you did a great job.

  2. Mediocre, not excellent. the 2 pictures in jeans are pretty awful to be honest, the kid is just an ordinary kid witha load of slap applied and porbably a few PShop filters. She doesn;t do it for me, and Lili, she prob doesn;t do it for you either if you were honest>>> ???

  3. Remember she is only 15 and she was a competition winner to do a shoot with me not a model. I think she is gorgeous actually. the 2 pictures in jeans are my favourites.

  4. ooohh i like :] my faves the natural shot hehe! Wow 2nd commo :S
    i supose evryone’s entitled to an opinion!
    And thank you Lili 🙂

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